One of those nites..  

Posted by Tolulope Akanni

Tonite is jst one of thoe nites that I feel like I'v got too much in my head, one of those nites dat I feel like pouring it all out.

But where do I start from? I've got a lot to contemplate on cos I've got a lot of things I'm lookin out for.

I still feel d pain of havin to part wit my Skye family, they made 5weeks look like a lifetime, d entire experience was more than worth it!

500level fast approaching. Final lap it is, yet it smells like a fresh beginning.
Ummm.. rly got a lot to work on.
I still have my dreams of havin a 5.0GPA
n I still have my vision of polishin men to excellence compelling me to want to speak in conferences, write articles, n consciously mentor the ones that are coming up;
I have to print my first book "A-Z OF LIFE: experience of a 21yr old" by my 21st which is jst a couple of days 2 grad;
I have a network to build on cos I wanna make sure each cu student is just a friend away;
I still need more time with God to figure out how my post-grad life will be cos I've got loads of assignments but I dont know the ones that will go first.

Overall, in all of these things I can only do 1 thing and this 1 thing is what I know how to do best- commit it into God's hands.

again I feel like...  

Posted by Tolulope Akanni

Hauwa.. m chattin wit her rite nw, she wnt let me type this piece in peace
Busola. chattin, bt rubbish fcbk chat = 2lines/min
Chima.. annoyin me rite nw by askin unnecessary questions
Tanga.. hearin 4rm him afta sum 3wks communication break
Dami.. shez gone offline n hopefully by d nxt time she comes online she shld be seein this blog.

A couple of hours back, I was brushing up a old write-up for fresh publication. Title: Networking: How who u knw counts over what u knw

n I rly luv I line I used in dat article:

" Trust me, there is no future for those who do not place value on relationships!"

Lookin at these ppl I mentioned above, I hv loads of things 2 say abt hw wonderful these guys are

.. bt m so lazy 2 finish this. Lord help me!!


Posted by Tolulope Akanni

cant blv i'v nt been here in a long while!

Quite a lot has changed since the last time I posted anything, but the summary of it all is that I'm gettin bigger n better by d day all cos of God's favour.

I'm not sayin much 2nite... i'l b back some other time.

All I can say now is THANK YOU LORD. I will always love You!!