It's all over!!  

Posted by Tolulope Akanni

I woke up this morning and all I felt like doing was to yet again take stock of the ending year, n as I began to recall events of the year, tears never stopped rolling and even as I'm tryin to type this I'm soooooo freaking emotional.

I'm just overwhelmed! Really, it's been a fantastic year.
I recall all my close shaves with what could have led to my death.
I recall all of the stupid things I did.
I recall moments when I had lost hope.
I recall moments when I needed acceptance the most and I was rejected.
I recall moments of fun, of joy and of love.
I recall moments of pain and hardship.
I recall moments of hardwork, commitment and reward.
I recall moments of moments I cant define
I recall toooo may moments.

The conclusion is this, God is real and He is ever ready to help.
I've learnt too much in this ending year, toooooo much. I learnt to learnt to learn and unlearn. I was superanturally blessed this year, God did some things that man couldn't have done.. m talkin about those miracles that come with undeniable divine proofs.

2009! these tears cant stop rolling.

I'm grateful to you God.
Everything was God!!!!


Posted by Tolulope Akanni

So I go inside this old room(store) today which I believe contains thousands of documents, and I had 2 get my own sturvs outta d room cos I was gettin a new room and actually its more lik dis is d 1st time m havin a room all to myself! Its alwys been me n any1 of my brodas.. so its an interestin adventure ahead.
So speaking about the old documents, I was digging out bookssssss from primary sch, sec sch, early uni days n mehn.. its sweet seeing all of those sturvs mehn. My weakest point was when I stumbled on my gift prizes.
Best Grad Student - Mathematics
Best Grad Student - Yoruba
Best Grad Student - English
Best Grad Student - Geography
n Overall Best Grad Student
n damn! It jst brought memories of the glory days. Those days of pride wen I used to feel like an academic University educatn came, I hit first class once, n I'v remained on a so close 2 first class P. chai!
Notebooks wrapped wit dis carton coloured brown sheets
...with Pages of X n O at d back
My Technical drawing sheets!!!.. hours of
Love notes were missing tho.. I possibly cldnt hv bin so careless 2 leave traces :-D
Glory texts like
M.O Odiaka
Ugo C. Ugo... ur no1 passport for common entrance exams
Mastering English.. oops! I 4got 2 search 4 my fav story about dat local boy dat raised false alarm

wat else did I c? I dunno jor.. bed time


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Best Boxing day ever... was just the best. I had sub my speaking appointment for a precious reunion gig wit my skye high peeps and an opportunity to relate wit the MD, Skye Bank. At first, I felt bad about freeing church youth camp for a social gathering, but I soon forgot all of that when the fun started
1p.m was dropped of in VI by my bro who was headin to Takwa bay wit his fiance
Ehi comes around to pick me up n we head to Ikoyi to McG's house.
We get to McG's house and first thing was to grab d PS3 pad to play our fav soccer game. I dealt wit Ehi n d 1st game, buh I lost d concluding 2 matches, so he was d winner 4 d day :-( I hate to lose!!
1:30 Obioma came in during the 1st match n while myself n Ehi were playing our match, himself n McG were jst busy plannin the 'no-plan' No one knew wat Mr Fiz had in mind
Obioma's dad wasnt leavin lag 2day again, so no big trips 4 him again.. :-P
2:30 we are off to check out Obioma's house I insisted I wanted to see his house b4 I leave d Ikoyi n we sure did have a wonderful time there. We all left McG's house in d corolla 09 Obioms came wit (al these rich kids sef), n we hookd up wit Deji on our way down, dat made it 3 of us plus Obi.
We had a nice time in his house.. sum fresh self-service apartment. His dad had a guest so we picked up our glasses 4rm d house n sat by d pool side over a bottle of wine.
3:00 I had alrdy called Lulu (my host @ d reunion) 2 check if I cld come around wit frnds.. n she was like my guys were def in on this 1.
3:30 we leave Obi's crib so he cld dress up n al, dropped McG so he cld do same.. Myself, Ehi, n Deji wer alrdy dressed so we cruised down to parkview to go check out d noise they'v bin makin about dat estate. Rubbbbbish jor!! its over-rated VGC is wayyyyy beta
4:00 we all leave Ikoyi
4:30-5:00 ish. We get to Lekki, 1st stop is at d Macaulays. Welcomed wit chocolate. Posh party.. but daddies n mummies all ova. 2 bottles of Moets per table speaks a lot about the host. We jst sat down inside n we cldnt help but eat their foot..d buffet was mad
6:00 we leave d Macaulay's met dis fresh babe dat was jst drivin in wit her fam.. as soon as she said LSE, Deji was lik.. "Must all these fresh kids alwys come from london???" Deji, sowi... hehehehe
6:30 we get to Ehi's crib to go upgrade d 2nd vehicle we had in our convoy n den I rmbr Mariya, my blind date dat I'v bin plannin to meet since May, we stopped by at her crib n Alleluyah!! I wasnt soo blind afterall, she made sense.. n so she hops in, says shez partyin wit us. Bt she refused 2 drive her own ride (extra work 4 Ehi dat wil drop her off)
7:00 we get to the Akinfemiwa's crib
Fun Fun Fun
saw all of the ppl I'd nt seen since summer ended. lots of hugs, greetings, smiles......
Wide range of dishes to pick from
lots of drinks
DJ was on steady classics.. old sch hip-hop mehn
Soon, I switched to where d Daddies were.. had my moment wit Mr Akinfemiwa n one other big man lik dat.
Spent time wit my Boss..told him al my fears as regards finishin sch this July n gettin a job, n he said sumtn dat I mite nt 4get in a long while. He said 'Tolu, it's a lot more fun out here than it is in there, so free ur worries..." n he rly assured me dat if all else fails he'l get me a good job
8:30 soon as I left my boss n i returned 2 venue 4 children.. Wande Coal was alrdy on stage.. straight away, I went up 2 get my shot wit him. He rocked 4 lik 30mins ending wit "You Bad" everyone was excited!!! I asked him 2 sing speechless, he sang d 1st 2 lines of d chorus n was like "MJ is dead jare" ... dat Wande is an Olodo boy! lol
9:00 on d dance floor, jst chattin away...
9:30 checked out mehn!

wat a day!!!
I'm happy I didnt catch al d fun alone, my hommies r more than grateful n my blind date was over-excited!!!


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Great day with an early start, went out shoppin with my bro. I needed a brown shoe n in my usual pattern I didnt get what I wanted until d point where I had given up n I was alrdy leavin the market... long n short, I got myself a beffiting Brown Zara flat soles. :-)

Back home now, got big work to do. El Fiz Events owns my evening. Emma's L.A.U.G.H musicomedy concert is coming up next friday n El Fiz Events is the event program manager. This entails the sequencing of performances i.e who sings first, when should they be cracking jokes, when they should be dancing and all those stuffs.

I'm quite confident I would do a great job.

For now, like I've been doing all week long I need to sit down in the imaginary hall and pen down how I want that show to rock!!!

Wish me luck guys!


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So I took that walk to confess him yet again as my Lord and Saviour
I know He will see me through this one
I can only ask for abundance of grace to play my own part