Posted by Tolulope Akanni

This past week has bin crazy men; its bin work, work, work, n work.

Preparing for a wedding ceremony is no joke 4 d couple, no joke 2 their parents, no joke 2 family, wellwishers....its jst stress, stress, stress, n stress!!

But overall, I'm grateful to God for the success of it all
Oshe Baba!!!


Posted by Tolulope Akanni

So I'm done with my exams now n thank God I can think again, I can write again n I can voice out my feelings. 

I'm losing my respect 4 schooling too fast. It doesn't just make sense especially when ure at this end of d world. Schooling in a 3rd world nation is crap...pls don't let it happen to ur kids!!

Sooooo february has a whole lot of sturvs in stock for me, project work, broda's wedding, A-Z manuscripts, An Evening with the Poet, a romantic deal to close, one or two potential employers to meet, books I wanna read n a whole lot of other sturvs... I can only hope for God's grace to make reasonable progress. 

Speaking about "An evening with the Poet", dats d next big deal m builidng on. It's a poetry show I wanna host in school, not something big, but some extraordinary. I just wanna have a gathering of poets displaying poetic eloquence; so I just wanna use this opportunity to call for your support, I need u guys to help make this tin work, n u can do that by sending in ur poems; they will credited to ur name n I sure will send video clips to u....cos rly I don't know wher I can get better poets other than on blogspot. So if ure willing to help, u can send me an email:
Thanks to u all for ur anticipated support!

Bro's weeding 11th n 13th. If ure gonna b in gidi dat period...holla I'll get d venue details across to u. 

Nyz, I just ended my long wknd @ hm n m back to sch nw.....time to conclude work on my manuscripts. 

Wish y'al a splendid February!!!!!!!!!!