Be Mindful  

Posted by Tolulope Akanni

The inspiration to write this piece came as a result of series of accusation as to me being Proud, so this is a big opportunity for me to work toward correcting this misconception.

I am someone that gets influenced so easily and if you've ever taken time to study my living pattern, you would agree with me on this one. But just as it is common to most of our weakness, I've been able to tame this one.

How do I cope?

Prov 4:23 is my #1 drug, I've been using it over the years to help keep my life in shape.

How does it work?

"Guard thy heart with all due diligence for out of it are the issues of life. Prov 4: 23 {NKJV)

If I must guard my heart:
1. I must watch the company I keep.

2. I must switch to high level confidence and believe-in-self when peer pressure comes knocking.

3. I must watch the kind of materials I expose myself to: Music, Videos, Books.

The #1 reason I listed above has put me in a whole lot of trouble and I must sincerely admit that even though I'm mostly not happy with the trouble that comes with it, there are times I enjoy it! **laughs**
I watch the company I keep because what I do per time is a function of what my company expects from me. I know what effects short talks, long discussions, and all sorts of interactions have on me so I cannot afford to be in certain circles per time.

My inner circle friends will bear me witness to the fact that I always complain when we have to walk down somewhere together and some people join us midway. Occassionaly, I enjoy having another party around, but most times when these people come in in the middle of a conversation and they start puttin up views, I'm always like "what r we doing talking to people we do not share common values with?"

Why do I reason like this?

In the year 2006, I was priviledged to listen to both the MD of Access Bank, Mr Aig Imokhuede and Mr Jimoh Ibrahim, and they talked about the personal core value system and they inspired me to create four for myself and one of the values they mentioned "Pride-in-command" is what I refined for myself as "Class"

In 2007, I started feeding on Donald Trump's materials and that guy did a lot to my Ego!!

And the deal is, these days I never do something eccentric except I commit my ego to it.

Ever find yourself in my shoes?

A man that myself and a couple of colleagues had d priviledge to interview last summer with a group of colleagues said something I may never forget in a long time. He said "Every principled person will always be perceived as being wicked"

A random quote I stumbled on reads "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

In conlusion, we all have one or two things people around us have issues with and you'll always know when you are indeed misbehaving, but there's this right feeling you have deep within when you know you are doing that thing for a greater good.

Have principles
Cherish your values
Live by them!

The visit  

Posted by Tolulope Akanni

This is rather strange, I woke up at my regular 5a.m study hour and 4 real I knew I wasnt going to read, I remember I had planned to wait on God today n I stil have a lot of study time planned out 4 d remaining hours of the day, so I free acada n I decided to spend some time with God.

I went into my audio archives to dig out a couple of audio messages I'd not listened to for me to sync to my iPod n listen to 1 of em just to keep my spirit man energised for the day, so I picked one of Pastor Poju's message buh I switched the moment I stumbled on one old worship album.... my spirit was rly lifted n I was caught up in dat realm of worship n on n on lik dat.. then Zzzzz......

Hw on earth did I sleep off??? sleepin at 12:30am is really no xcuse, this sleep off during worship used to be one wicked habit back then o..
Nyz, ther was sumtin unusual in dis sleep. I just found myself in my mentor, Leke Alder's office. It looked like I had been seated in his office for a while, then this young guy came in (I was also young guy too sha) n he had a quite a lot to discuss n it so happened that myself n Mr Alder began to dole out encouraging words to dis guy n I was freaking intelligent in my discourse.... as in it was serious o.. then Mr Alder spoke some words that recounting some of those lines as I wake up now actually makes it look lik that young man in that office was me!

In that same dream, there was this other striking scene.... sum random guy that was in d rest room as I walkd in just started picking on me like he had known me 4rm d day I was born, n his blabs was all pointing to how the FEAR FACTOR can ruin me.. one of his lines was "...young men like u will neva go far because ure to scared to bring out that inner u..."

I woke up wishing that this visit left me wit a verse of the scripture, cos 4 reals, I hardly remember my dreams now n its jst strange sha.. more lik I timed out of consciousness for an appointment with d subconscious.
So this one has changed the course of my thinking for the entire day, I need to take out time to carry out a 'Fear factor analysis' on my existence.

I'm all out to stategically fight my fear n empower my guts, what r u fighting??

killin exam seasons  

Posted by Tolulope Akanni

So lik I've not been doing any serious writing this year,
Exam seasons could be killin.. loads of zero-value-adding information 2 cram in my head.
No serious social activity, cos society says its irresponsible to have fun when ur exams r goin on.
Thank God 4 online buddies that help me make up 4 those fun outdoor evenings, by making themselves available 4 quality indoor chat.
Thanks Miss Mac, Yosola, Bukola...alwys ther 4 me.

So I'v been chattin all afternoon wit one of my most respected uncles.. jst last nite I was talkin 2 my aunty dat didnt hv my time n I was just mission al of my CU uncles n aunties that used 2 b ther 4 me. Now they'v graduated n I'm nw an uncle, buh I stil miss bein "Uncled" jare
So me n my ex-CU uncle were rubbing minds n I'm telling u dat great minds cant stop thinkin alike!
One unique thing about these my uncles is that they r alwys workin on sumtin new per time, and I guess thats one of the major reasons y I love them so much.
And like I'v promised myself, I want my 2010 to be saturated with "results" I want to be achievin something per time, big or small.
It keeps me going!

So now I really have to step out now to go watch naija!
Lemme quickly use this opportunity to appreciate Myne Whitman, shez been a real "blogspot mummy" I alwys appreciate reading her comments!


Posted by Tolulope Akanni

I'm just excited!!!!