This is raw, take it the way it is.  

Posted by Tolulope Akanni

Tick tock tick tock
days come and go
seasons come and go

It's getting closer each day
Heartbeats pacing faster
Uncertainty fast creepin in
Hmnnn... July 09
Hmmnn.. commencement
I leave here and I head where?
I end this and I start what?

Compulsory service thing?
Or compulsory knowledge thing?

What am I doing for my masters
Where am I doing it
Is there funding available
Is it gon be work work work
Is it gon be work + study

Certificate acquired
Will it be a motherland's call
Will it be a call far from home

Job acquired
Climb up the ladder in a career
Or highest bidder wins?

Wealth is d dream
Comfort is d brand
The dream says money, cars, clothes
influence, affluence

Reality has them not for now
Time is the bridge
Bridge length left unestimated
Some cross it in days
Others in months
Yet for some in years

I leave it all where it is safest
I leave it in the hands of d porter
Mould it as you will Lord I pray
Make it your usual "Behold it was all good" affair


Posted by Tolulope Akanni

hmmnn... 500 level.

tick tock tick tock... it's started already, I'm already living in it.
I miss my blog, I miss my readers, I miss those comments.. but really I....

Looking through my archives tonite, I again stumbled on a note I wrote at the beginning of this semester. It's been published on facebook already, but I love it too much to restrict it to facebook alone. This is a raw reflection of my state of mind wen sch resumed this session. Enjoy!


I want to wake up in the morning, say my prayers and spend quality time drawing from the word of life.
I want to get that done with, brush my teeth, take my bath and get dressed up for class looking smart and sharp
I want to sit down in class, love my lecturer, love the lecture and overall leave the class with a large chunk of knowledge
I want to rub minds with my mates and ponder over a few theories together

I want to get out to the cafetaria, feel popular having so many friends extending their greetings, eat good food and enjoy some quality chat over drinks
I want to get down to the library to regurgitate the academic knowledge I have acquired and bring light to certain grey areas
I want to digest materials from my mentors and yet have some younger ones around me that I can helping to maximise life
I want to make 'business' an attitude and not just an affair because I know how much I produce within few minutes of seriousness

I want to take those quiet evening strolls with the one I love and have her make me feel like I have the world with me when I have her around me
I want to get down on the internet, catch up with civilisation, be on facebook and chat with unseen friends
I want to end each day getting back to my room sleeping as a student, christian, lover and thinker

I want to wake up in the middle of the nite as a non-thinker at those late frosty hours
I want to stop thinking and be a conceptualist writing down concepts, poems, articles, speeches and then go back to bed again
I want to wipe my teary eyes clean and forgive myself for being so distant from these dreams
I want to eliminate the thin line between my ideas and reality

And if and only if I can think 'it' and be 'it'
Then I would wake up in the morning, say my prayers and spend quality time drawing from the word of life
Get that done with, brush my teeth........
Sit down in class, love my....

And if and only if I can think 'it' and be 'it'
Then I would leave the realm of the unborn and be born