Relationship talk  

Posted by Tolulope Akanni

What's happening to this our generation?
People are fast giving up on relationships. After one, two and maybe three tries, we just give up on emotional intimacy. We see no need in giving out ourselves to the "loving" thing; we see "dating" as suicidal.

Where is all of these coming from?
Why do relationships fail? Most of the relationships we are in do fail really because they have to fail, if we sit down to analyse our past relationships, must of us would rather not step into them again if we had a second chance. We would say no to such relationships due to a lot of factors other than the fact that it would still leave us broken at the end of the day.
But again, can we now say there's no fun in broken relationships? Because overtime, we've seen people who take pride in celebrating numbers, yes, number of old/broken relationships they've been in.
It's a compicated world!

So what's the trend?
The modern trend now is that everyone wants to have fun! Fun is the main ish now, it's the happening thing! But can we now say relationships of old were void of fun? Nay! Fun has always been a major motive for making relationships, but the definition of fun has evolved.
In this age where making out and having sex is a priviledge that comes with some form of friendships, people don't see any need to be committed again.
Why get a partner that would tie me down in the name of relationship over things I can get outside the barriers of relationship?

Again, we all believe there's time and now is not the time to be tied down, so let's enjoy freedom. But can we really call this freedom? Freedom u explore from when u are 17 till 27 and after that period of 10years, there's serious need for u to get serious, so u take that walk with ur partner to the altar and make ur marital vows before man and God. And say ure alive till ure 80, that equals 53 yrs of being tied down!!!
0-17 : tied down for 17years
17-27 : exploring; 10 years of freedom
27-80 tied down for 53years
Now because those 10yrs of freedom is silently embedded in our formative years, our system is programmed to freedom. 53 years now feel like a burden. U feel limited cause ure optionless...u crave for those 10years to come back to u. Those loose 10years, the serial short relationships that perforated the pages of ur romantic history text.

53 years now feel like a burden, so committment issues start coming up, u wish u never made that choice, u wish u could travel back into the age of freedom, and re-stategise our exit from freedom, divorce is given serious thoughts.

I don't even know what more to say, I'm feeling sleepy here. But i'ld love to hear ur thoughts on this topic, am I the only one seeing things like this?

""""::::........Little droplets  

Posted by Tolulope Akanni

U know that phenomena that says when u wanna do something bigger than u n u lack d required inner drive, tryna remind urself of little, little things u have achieved in times past n u'll draw strength - that inner drive - from there.

I've been trying out new stuffs lately, I've been trying out the unusual just to help myself gather momentum for the days ahead n I wanna advise u do same.

This phenomena is not unrelated to faith, infact it's just another dimension to faith. "If God healed her n his word has already said that He changeth not, then my miracle is on the way"

Looking at business in the same vein, the mere fact that u could raise #5,000 when u had a little project to handle gives u the confidence to approach #25,000.....#100,000.....and on to millions in the nearest future.

The mere fact that I could write a Facebook note gave me the confidence to start a blog, to get published in magazines n that same confidence leads me to embark on a publishing a book.

Atimes when I experience writer's block, I find myself going thru comments ppl drop on things I've written in past times just to build my confidence that I can write something impressive.

Leadership also follows that trend in a way, u evolve as a captain over ur class, on to being prefect of ur school, u carry that on to attain being an association president in ur university, on n on like that the trend continues.

Little droplets!!

I've had to quote this postulate from my mentor, Dr. David Oyedepo over n over again; it says "U don't grow big to manage well, u manage well to grow big"

If I keep talking, I'll find myself repeating some old topics of discuss, and I don't want to do that. Hp u get my drift somehow.


Posted by Tolulope Akanni

I warned u not to use ur head
It was as simple as following ur heart

U didn't listen
U didn't trust me

U saw all of the good
And u walked away like it was cheap

My good is not cheap
I am not cheap

U chose to be calculated
And d calculations cancelled d faith in me

I knew it didn't make sense for u
But I wanted u to do it for me

I knew it had to be for me
Before it could be for us

U asked questions
And I said "Just believe"

Just believe
So I could wake up each day happy

Just believe
So we could wake up each day grateful

Just believe
And u'l be d only one in d world that believes in me!

Just believe
And that believe will make me love u endlessly