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Was having breakfast with a couple of friends yesterday morning, classmates actually, and in our usual fashion we had a large chunk of random issue to take down, and one of the most captivating topics we brought forward was on the reason why we, as a department, are not united; The main thing I pointed out to was exposure, and well I just feel like sharing a couple of thoughts with u on how I see exposure.

Knowledge they say is power
Its reforming
Its life giving

Giving life
That's what exposure is all about
But wait
There's a life that gives life indeed
Yet another that leads to death

Like there are things I discover
And I'm like,
I wish I knew this all this while
Others And I'm like
Why did I ever found out about this
Moments when ignorance indeed is bliss

Its forever a plus
To them that embrace it
That embrace the right kind

It has caused me to end friendships
Dont blame me
Darkness stinks
When uve found light

That al I can c 4 nw
So I drop my pen


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One of my most respected young achiever, Toyin Subair, CEO of HiTV delivered a speech at a conference in Lagos Business School a couple

of months back and he made reference to an article Dr David Oyedepo referred him to many years back as one of the best things he has ever

laid his hands on.

The complete article is here: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune_archive/2006/10/30/8391794/index.htm

But lemme quickly highlight the key points in case ure unable to read d full article

Research now shows that the lack of natural talent is irrelevant to great success.
The secret? Painful and demanding practice and hard work.

For one thing, you do not possess a natural gift for a certain job, because targeted natural gifts don't exist. You are not a born CEO or investor or chess grandmaster. You will achieve greatness only through an enormous amount of hard work over many years. And not just any hard work, but work of a particular type that's demanding and painful.

Scientific experts are producing remarkably consistent findings across a wide array of fields. Understand that talent doesn't mean intelligence, motivation or personality traits. It's an innate ability to do some specific activity especially well.

The article goes on to discuss these key points:
1. No substitute for hard work
2. Practice makes perfect
3. The skeptics
4. Real-world examples
5. The business side
6. Adopting a new mindset
7. Be the ball

If great performance were easy, it wouldn't be rare. Which leads to possibly the deepest question about greatness. While experts understand an enormous amount about the behavior that produces great performance, they understand very little about where that behavior comes from.

The authors of one study conclude, "We still do not know which factors encourage individuals to engage in deliberate practice." Or as University of Michigan business school professor Noel Tichy puts it after 30 years of working with managers, "Some people are much more motivated than others, and that's the existential question I cannot answer - why."

The critical reality is that we are not hostage to some naturally granted level of talent. We can make ourselves what we will.

Maybe we can't expect most people to achieve greatness. It's just too demanding. But the striking, liberating news is that greatness isn't reserved for a preordained few. It is available to you and to everyone.


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funny funny week

its been a funny one really. I had a really stupid/troubled last week, was sick all of a sudden on frid n that led to the obstruction (or is annulment) of my sickness free 2k9 covenant I had wit God.. **sobs** it happened 2 fast n I cant blv I wrote 3midterm papers that day. Long n short of d whole P is that m sure it was a spiritual attack.

Stil on last week, an old crush came back my way n trust me, it doesnt look like I'm d man 4 her... so I'v freed jor

This week started well, lots of good things happening. Lik its 8:38pm n I'm in my room!!! feels so strange breaking my no-indoor-evenings policy.. lol
Yet this act is definitely not unrelated to Miss Dupe Mac.. I'v enjoyd a whole lotta sturvs I'v learnt about how she lives her life, n being indoors is jst a nu life I'm tryin out. Thanks D!

Bukola was awesome on sat nite.. thanks 4 being there 4 me, I had 2 clear out my head n she was ther 4 me

Yossie!!!!!!!!! m proud of ya, ur blog is totally fantastic. Funi enuf I kinda lik it dat u left fcbk, dat tin is too much distraction jare

What else?
I have mitre magazine deadlines 2 meet oh.. n I'v nt bin workin, me n my laziness! Olumide wil b here b4 noon n I can only hope I have my deadlines ready.

Adieu to now late Chief Judge Justice Edokpayi
Ima. all I can say is "God be with you"