Posted by Tolulope Akanni

What's good people?
It's been a while I got personal on this blog. So much has been happening in such a short period of time; but in the midst of it all, I've been observing, learning, dreaming, reading and I'm happy I'm growing.

So much happening in the corporate world. I've been redundant at work while some are over-stressed and completely over-used. I understand in-house corporate politics better now, I see how people constantly rub crap on other people just so they can look good and appear efficient to their superiors. Eye service and the likes

I feel for those that are pressured at work, the ones that have to work long hours, some work till almost mid night and by 7am the following morning they are already at work. Now I get why homes are shattered, why spouses don't even notice each other, why family bonds are weak, why kids never see their fathers, why family members don't understand each other.

People do so much and earn so little, with no hope of pay rise 
People average 4-6 hours in traffic daily

Little wonder why people are generally aggressive; be it in traffic, church or even at play.
People are making themselves go through a lot for no just cause, so they console themselves with the age long equivocation that "it is for the greater good"
And when you attempt to convince people that they shouldn't be going through this much stress, they perceive it as lack of ambition. Its painful!

But if I may ask, what is that greater good?
Life as I know it, is meant to be enjoyed and not to be endured
Many unfortunately don't know how to draw the divide between sacrifice and self-punishment

And it all boils down to a weak definition of purpose. When purpose is not defined, your pursuit will be directionless
Working long hours is acceptable, but it becomes a problem when you're not happy doing it.

Take a little time off to observe your schedule, review the life you have been living and fix your wrongs now before it causes further damage!