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So I go inside this old room(store) today which I believe contains thousands of documents, and I had 2 get my own sturvs outta d room cos I was gettin a new room and actually its more lik dis is d 1st time m havin a room all to myself! Its alwys been me n any1 of my brodas.. so its an interestin adventure ahead.
So speaking about the old documents, I was digging out bookssssss from primary sch, sec sch, early uni days n mehn.. its sweet seeing all of those sturvs mehn. My weakest point was when I stumbled on my gift prizes.
Best Grad Student - Mathematics
Best Grad Student - Yoruba
Best Grad Student - English
Best Grad Student - Geography
n Overall Best Grad Student
n damn! It jst brought memories of the glory days. Those days of pride wen I used to feel like an academic University educatn came, I hit first class once, n I'v remained on a so close 2 first class P. chai!
Notebooks wrapped wit dis carton coloured brown sheets
...with Pages of X n O at d back
My Technical drawing sheets!!!.. hours of
Love notes were missing tho.. I possibly cldnt hv bin so careless 2 leave traces :-D
Glory texts like
M.O Odiaka
Ugo C. Ugo... ur no1 passport for common entrance exams
Mastering English.. oops! I 4got 2 search 4 my fav story about dat local boy dat raised false alarm

wat else did I c? I dunno jor.. bed time

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Lol eeyaah.
I always went through my old stuff too which aren't so old but you get.
Primary school times and all the certificates and all the things I got as head girl too.
Ahh, the days.
But Yoruba? Ahn ahn, I hail you o. I hated languages right from primary school. I depended on mummy mi to teach me and i picked it up.
And the brown sheets I used for my books in
Ah, I love memoriess!

December 30, 2009 at 12:42 AM

Hmmm...memories. LOL @ academic god.

Happy new year in advance.

December 31, 2009 at 3:04 AM

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