EXCERPTS FROM THE BOOK - 2A.M. by Jaye Aderounmu  

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What ure reading is an excerpt from the concluding chapter the about-to-be-released book of Jaye Aderounmu, titled
2 AM ( A MIND AMOMGST MANY) "real life experiences in tales"

It is a contributing chapter from urs truly...


by Tolulope Akanni

This chapter will change your life if you choose to read with relevance, it would remould your existence because this is success being discussed in its raw form. If only you will believe me and put to practice the combinations discussed in this chapter, you will never let go off this book for the remaining days of your life.

Because I wrote a book
I was made to learn that your first book is an introduction to the second
And to learn that the greatest challenge I'm gonna face is the challenge of practicing the principles I teach.

Because I wrote a book 
I was offered a seat amongst kings and princes and I could humbly say "yet not I"

Because I wrote a book
God's promises for my life bore flesh

Because I wrote a book..
...at 21 and published it on the eve of my graduation from the university, people started believing the principles I taught because I was a living proof.

Because I wrote a book
I came to realise that success is cheap and that is why I write this hour - to let you know that success is cheap and say it with confidence knowing that I am a success and that if only you do the same things myself and some many other successful people all over the world did, you too can be a success.

Are you faced with challenges?
Smile and appreciate the heavens because in every dark cloud is a silver lining and all you need is a little patience before you get full grasp of why you had to face that negative circumstance.
You need to live with that mentality that you can always bring something outing of nothing. 
Each one of life's moment carry the same amount of relevance and importance...there are no special moment, if one moment is special, then every other moment is special. If one moment is ordinary, then every other moment is ordinary.

After success became my friend, I screamed and yelled at success saying "Success, how come you never told me you were this cheap to get!!"
Because success came to cheap.

Of the many combinations I have put together to unlock the door of success and pave in deep into its inner chambers as though it were my birthplace, I want to be generous enough to leave you with just two combinations that have opened these doors to me; it has exposed me to a world of unlimited possibilities.
1. The combination of the Mind
2. The combination of the Hand

The combination of the Mind is one I got from the Scriptures and I got it fresh from the wisest man that ever lived on..........


..don't mess with these two combinations, don't see it as just another motivational talk!
The fact that you could read this book up to its last chapter means your combination of the hand must have been fired up, don't make a mess of it by not using the combination of your hand.

I'm only 21 and my hands have touched things because I consistently put these principles to work, don't delay the application of these combinations, use it now and start making exploits time waits for no man.

What you just read is the introduction to the first chapter of my next book.
Be inspired!

Tolu Fiz Akanee

***********************U'll get d rest of the gist wen u buy d book**************

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