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The higher you climb
The tougher it becomes they say

Anyone can write
Because anyone can talk
You can either talk with you mouth
Or talk with your hands
Writing is simply talking on paper

I ran out of people to talk to during my internship days and that was what initiated my affair with paper, my journal quickly became my bestfriend, and since I couldn't help keeping quiet still, I had to publish myself on Facebook.

You see, when people appreciate your stuffs and they make it known to you, it keeps you going, it's a fuel to your jet. People kept asking for more and I couldn't help but deliver, my delivery led me to having my thoughts being published in a magazine, and today magazines; the expression of my thoughts coughed out a book in me and it keeps getting bigger and better each passing day.

I was talking to my x-CU uncle - Folusho - yesterday, and he had taken my book to the counselling team of his university in UK where he's currenty running his masters program, and he returned with a truck load of counsel and insights on the way forward.

I have a feeling someone reading this really needs to take a second look at my story. Most of us are still climbing the ladder of life and we are constantly experiencing change all around, and two things in particular that catch my interest at this point do happen to us as we climb higher in life.
1. You have too many people praising you.
2. You have few persons challenging you, making you realize that you only just started.
Most young folks suffer these things greatly, we get carried away with the achievement mentality, and in the process we get our vision blurred out, becoming comfortable with the immediate, hmnnn...shortsightedness.

Will I end up like this?
God forbid!!!
I said it three days ago on my other blog that "I will wake up someday and discover that all the captains of industries are my childhood friends"
That's a pregnant thought, and it's not really a thought so to say, it's more like a conviction! I'm too sure about it.
What I what to bring out of that particular proclamation as it relates to Climbing is that, the kinds of persons I'm priviledged to have as friends today are not persons that give me the opportunity to stop growing. And I'm constantly being challenged! Dear reader, please find your motivation.

In my last post here, I mentioned it that I was PLANNING to register a domain name for El Fiz Concept but unknown to me, the heavens read it and as I speak Foluso is almost done setting all of that up for me. I never talked to him about it, and trust me, he never read the post.
My bible tells me "the path of the righteous is like a shining light that gets brighter and brighter until the perfect day"

This is just the beginning,
I just started climbing.

Do check out the excerpts of my book here

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Just saw the excerpts, the production of the books looks great.

May 25, 2010 at 12:06 AM

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