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No matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone, you just have to let go and let be. Not everyone will understand the reasons why you do the things you do in the immediate, but with time the big picture will be visible for all to see.

That's one fact, I'm slowly coming to terms with as I recall one or two memories. But I'm holding on to the words of my mentor who while responding to the issue on how he gets people driving over long distances to attend his church "The church is not far, not when value is being added" and I will love to paraphrase that as it relates to friendship as "The bond is never broken when value is being added"
The works of my hand and heart will bring back even those I have genuinely hurt.

One part of friendship that hurts the most is when you realise that you don't actually talk to the people you talk to, as in you talk everyday yet you don't talk. Surface talk is crap!

I just have to live the rest of my days ensuring that I'm not making that mistake and that the people I'm in communication with are drawing something from me, I have to give more, I have to love more, I have to digest more - as in learn - so I won't run dry feeding others.

Well, that's a lifestyle already I just need to be more self conscious.

I've been meeting lots of people lately, and I'm enjoying every bit, people business is great fun.

I'm thinking of buying a domain name and turning this blog into a website, I plan to kick of publicity on my book pretty soon ahead of the July9 launch. Progress is being made on securing a venue, I just confirmed Terrakulture to be free for that date...that's looking cool already. As well I'm beginning to think twice about selling 300copies in CU alone and all of that..I just hope these random thoughts take better form in the coming days.

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